A One Salasar Pvt. Ltd. is the pioneer and professional market leaders in Scrap Management Solutions and Procurement Services to the Organizations.

We handle the entire Pre Auction, Auction & Post Auction professionally. Our automated yet 100% customised solutions fit every need and budget.
A one Salasar Auction
Companies can free up cash and reduce cost by taking up a more precise approach and keeping a check on what they buy and how they buy. An average 8 to 12 percent of total procurement cost can be saved on full potential savings program and as much as 40 percent in some categories.

Our web based Procurement/Auction software allows both buyers and suppliers to conduct safe and secure business on our portal and further provide pre and post procurement interface such that it can be integrated easily with existing ERP.

Not only you recover the money on buying the Procurement service/solution but there are also various other benefits listed below:

  • Openness and Transparency in entire Procurement.
  • Substantial reduction in Time, Money and Energy.
  • More Suppliers, More Competition, Maximum Benefits.
  • Entirely Automated process, zero scope of human error.
  • Single Point, Single Screen access to entire procurement.
Our Services
Forward Auction
  • This Auction is used to discard off Old Machinery Surplus to the bidder who quotes the highest bid.
  • E-Auction is rapidly replacing the manual method as it gives suppliers flexibility, comfort and mobility to bid anytime from anywhere.
  • Access to more buyers offers better prices than just scrap value of a given product is an advantage.
  • A lot of contracts and products worth crores of rupees have been successfully auctioned using this module.
Reverse Auction
  • Globally, both the Government and the Private Sector Organizations have benefited largely by adopting Online Reverse Auctions.
  • Instead of manual negotiation process, Reverse Auctions makes suppliers compete with each other.
  • It not only offers the most competitive price but also eliminates the negotiations and the haggling with suppliers.
  • Suppliers are loving the way they can now compete with their rivals online and obtain an opportunity to serve a prestigious customer like you.
  • It ensures that both Scrap Dealers and IT vendors can use it with the same comfort and ease.
Compared to Manual sealed deals, eTendering is a lot more secure. It is completely configurable and supports different types of Tenders like:
  • Single or Multiple Envelope.
  • Open or Closed Tender.
  • Single or Multiple Line Items.
  • Single or Multiple Currency.
  • Single or Joint Venture Bidding.
Major themes of
Procurement Management
Identification of Needs
  • When the company needs goods/services, the company’s needs must be identified in order to choose which type of service or product will fit best.
Our Finding Suppliers & Requesting Proposals
  • Using the Internet or your supplier databases, you assemble a list of all potential product and/or service providers.
  • To make sure you buy the products or services under the best conditions – price, quality, etc. – you request proposals. Based on the results, you know with whom to start negotiations.
Negotiating with Suppliers & Contracting
  • To achieve the best conditions regarding prices, terms and delivery, you negotiate with suppliers. This can be effectively done through bidding in Reverse and Forward Auction.
  • If both parties, the buyer and the supplier, agree on all terms (pricing, delivery, quality, etc.) you can make it official by raising a Purchase Order.
Delivery & Analyzing Results
  • Throughout the delivery process, you need to evaluate the products and services delivered to ensure they are what you had planned to buy, they meet your quality standards, they arrive on schedule and you are charged the prices outlined in the contract.
  • Once the project is complete, it is essential to analyze the process and evaluate its success as well as record observations for future projects. You may need to present the outcomes to company management or relevant stakeholders. The results can be used the next time you need to make a similar purchase.
  • Professional experts analyze the current Market trend and offer assistance.
  • Scans continuously the market for new vendors and suppliers and manages the Catalogues.
  • Checks the Party's credentials as per the company's requirement.
  • Manages and sets up the entire initial auction event.
  • Clear negotiation with suppliers about costs, service levels, payment terms, etc.
  • Detailed documentation, Mass Marketing, and Photography.
  • Proper training to participants and bidders before the auction.
  • Collection of CMD/EMD on behalf of the company and also its return.
  • Collection of all proper documents from bidders.
  • Submission of all IMPORTANT documents to the Company.
  • Continuous monitoring of live auctions by experienced auction consultants.
  • Viewer account for your internal team for viewing bid event in real time.
  • Continuous support to participants and bidders.
  • Post bid analysis and report delivered after the conclusion of the auction event.
  • Release sale order after the auction event.
  • Timely follow up with the party for lifting materials.
  • Re-auctions for unbidded lots.
A one Salasar Auction & SRM
We believe that each and every customer is different and one package may not fit everybody's requirement. Therefore we have come up with a flexible service model to cater to your requirements. The whole idea behind flexible business model is to help you adopt and adapt eAuction/eProcurement at your own pace.

If you still feel that any of the models listed below still do not cater to your requirements, feel free to talk to us. We will innovate and come up with a solution catering to your needs.
e-Auction / e-Procurement Pilots
You can conduct a few events on a pilot basis to analyze if eProcurement works fine with you, if not you may discontinue.
Pay per Event
If you are new to eAuction / eProcurement, this is the ideal model for you. Enable just one event and pay the fees after the completion of that transaction. This model will turn out to be quite economical, and once the event is over you can consider another.
Fixed Annual Fees
Once you have successfully completed few eAuction / eProcurement in your organization and you wish to regularize it, you can switch to this model. There is no restriction on the number of buyers, suppliers, transactions etc. it is a more cost efficient model.
Software License
If you want to roll out eAuction/eProcurement across multiple purchase office and projects then this is the perfect model. This software can be used for as long as you wish without paying recurring fees. It is the most economical model for long term basis.